Admiration Proverbs

Sayings about Admiration

A fool admires himself most when he has done foolish things. ~ Chinese Proverb

A beautiful face is admired even when its owner doesn’t say anything. ~ Danish Proverbs

Everyone admires his own character. ~ Turkish Proverbs

One’s shadow grows larger than life when admired by the light of the moon. ~ Chinese Proverb

Better beloved than admired. ~ French Proverb

What the eye does not admire the heart does not desire. ~ Traditional Proverb

Each day you can admire the moon, the snow and the flowers. ~ Japanese Proverbs

We admire what we do not understand. ~ Indian Proverbs

Justice is better than admiration If you are going to kill, then kill an elephant; if you are going to steal make sure it’s a treasure. ~ Indian Proverb

Quotations about Admiration

We live by our imagination, our admirations, and our sentiments. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

When we view elevated ideas of Nature, the result of that view is admiration, which is always the cause of pleasure. ~ John Dryden

Between flattery and admiration there often flows a river of contempt. ~ Minna Antrim

Admiration begins where acquaintance ceases. ~ Samuel Johnson Quotes

No nobler feeling than this, of admiration for one higher than himself, dwells in the breast of man. It is to this hour, and at all hours, the vivifying influence in man’s life. ~ Thomas Carlyle

It may be laid down as a general rule, that no woman who hath any great pretensions to admiration is ever well pleased in a company where she perceives herself to fill only the second place. ~ Henry Fielding

How happy is it for us, that the admiration of others should depend so much more on their ignorance than our perfection! ~ Fulke Greville

The love of admiration leads to fraud, much more than the love of commendation; but, on the other hand, the latter is much more likely to spoil our: good actions by the substitution of an inferior motive. ~ Archbishop Richard Whately

Marrying a man is like buying something you’ve been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn’t always go with everything else in the house. ~ Jean Kerr

Women fancy admiration means more than it does. ~ Mary Lydon Simonsen

Admiration is a youthful fancy which scarcely ever survives to mature years. ~ H.W.Shaw

A fool always finds a bigger fool to admire him. ~ Evan Esar

The desire to be pitied or to be admired is often the main reason we confide in others. ~ Francois De La Rochefoucauld

It is only important to love the world …to regard the world and ourselves and all beings with love, admiration and respect. ~ Hermann Hesse

There is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage. ~ Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Though familiarity may not breed contempt, it takes the edge of admiration. ~ William Hazlitt

Admiration; is our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves. ~ Ambrose Bierce

There is a wide difference between admiration and love. The sublime, which is the cause of the former, always dwells on great objects and terrible; the latter on small ones and pleasing; we submit to what we admire, but we love what submits to us: in one case we are forced, in the other, we are flattered, into compliance. ~ Edmund Burke

You always admire what you really don’t understand. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. ~ Ann Landers

A mixture of admiration and pity is one of the surest recipes for affection. ~ Andre Maurois

Admiration must be continued by that novelty which first produces it; and how much soever is given, there must always be reason to imagine that more remains. ~ Samuel Johnson

Admiration is a forced tribute ; to extort it from mankind, envious and ignorant as they are, they must be taken unawares. ~ James Northcote

There is an innocence in admiration; it is found in those to whom it has never yet occurred that they, too, might be admired some day. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Distance is a great promoter of admiration. ~ Denis Diderot

For fools admire, but me of sense approve. ~ Alexander Pope

Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared, but only men of character are trusted. ~ Zig Ziglar

To cease to admire is a proof of deterioration. ~ Charles Horton Cooley

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth. ~ Nero Wolfe

A hero is someone we can admire without apology. ~ Kitty Kelley

A modest man is usually admired, if people ever hear of him. ~ Edgar Watson Howe

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring. And that is not happiness. ~ F.H.Bradley

That which astonishes, astonishes once; but whatever is admirable becomes more and more admired. ~ Joseph Joubert

Admiration bestowed upon any one but ourselves is always tedious. ~ Honore de Balzac

Season your admiration for a while. ~ William Shakespeare Quotes

Those who are formed to win general admiration are seldom calculated to bestow individual happiness. ~ Lady Marguerite Blessington

It is the rooted instinct in men to admire what is better and more beautiful than themselves. ~ James Russell Lowell

Animals do not admire each other. A horse does not admire its companion. ~ Blaise Pascal

Admiration is a very short-lived passion that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object, unless it be still fed with fresh discoveries, and kept alive by a new perpetual succession of miracles rising up to its view. ~ Joseph Addison Quotes

I have always been an admirer. I regard the gift of admiration as indispensable if one is to amount to something. I don’t know where I would be without it. ~ Thomas Mann

It is better in some respects to be admired by those with whom you live than to be loved by them; and this not on account of any gratification of vanity, but because admiration is so much more tolerant than love. ~ Sir Arthur Helps

Admiration Proverbs

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