Guinean Proverbs

Sayings of Guinean origin

The man who builds his own throne rules over a desert.

He who has not yet reached the opposite shore should not make fun of him who is drowning.

He, who has done evil, expects evil.

For news of the heart ask the face.

Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand.

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

When you wait for tomorrow it never comes. When you don’t wait for it tomorrow still comes.

A good deed is something one returns.

He, who does not cultivate his field, will die of hunger.

Around a flowering tree, there are many insects.

A cow that has no tail should not try to chase away flies.

One camel does not make fun of the other camel’s hump.

Save your fowl before it stops flapping.

The toad likes water, but not when it’s boiling.

The man who can’t dance says the band can’t play.

To make preparations does not spoil the trip.

When a needle falls into a deep well, many people will look into the well, but few will be ready to go down after it.

The man on his feet carries off the share of the man sitting down.

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

To have two eyes can be cause for pride; but to have one eye is better than to have none.

The Republic of Guinea

Map of Guinea with Guinean flag

Guinea is a country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea, the modern country is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry in order to distinguish it from other parts of the wider region of the same name, such as Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. Guinea has a population of 10.5 million and an area of 245,860 square kilometres (94,927 sq mi).

Guinea is a republic. The president is directly elected by the people and is head of state and head of government. The unicameral Guinean National Assembly is the legislative body of the country, and its members are also directly elected by the people. The judicial branch is led by the Guinea Supreme Court, the highest and final court of appeal in the country.

Guinea is a predominantly Islamic country, with Muslims representing 85 percent of the population. Guinea’s people belong to twenty-four ethnic groups.

French, the official language of Guinea, is the main language of communication in schools, in government administration, in the media, and among the country’s security forces, but more than twenty-four indigenous languages are also spoken.

Conakry is the capital and largest city of Guinea. Conakry is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the economic, financial and cultural centre of Guinea. Its population was estimated in 2009 at 1,667,864. (An excerpt from Wikipedia)

Liberty “Liberté” has been the national anthem of Guinea since independence in 1958.

Guinean National Anthem ( English Lyrics):

People of Africa!
The historic past!
Sing the hymn of a Guinea proud and young
Illustrious epic of our brothers
Who died on the field of honour while liberating Africa!
The people of Guinea, preaching Unity,
Call to Africa.
Liberty! The voice of a people
Who call all her brothers to find their way again.
Liberty! The voice of a people
Who call all her brothers of a great Africa.
Let us build African Unity in a newly found independence!

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