Wisdom Proverbs

Sayings about Wisdom

Wisdom and virtue are like the two wheels of a cart. ~ Japanese Proverb

A drop of wisdom is better than a sea of gold. ~ Greek Proverb

Wisdom is in the head, not in the beard. ~ Ukrainian Proverb

Wisdom is lost in a fat man’s body. ~ Japanese Proverb

Beauty is the wisdom of women. Wisdom is the beauty of men. ~ Chinese Proverb

Wisdom is easy to carry but difficult to gather. ~ Czech Proverb

Even from a foe a man may learn wisdom. ~ Greek Proverb

Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom. ~ German Proverb

Better a drop of wisdom than an ocean of gold. ~ Greek Proverbs

That is good wisdom which is wisdom in the end. ~ Dutch Proverb

Better a good conscience without wisdom than wisdom without a good conscience. ~ German Proverbs

Gold without wisdom is but clay. ~ Slovak Proverb

Beauty without wisdom is like a flower in the mud. ~ Romanian Proverbs

Wisdom is wealth. ~ Swahili Proverb

Do more things by wisdom than by force. ~ Hungarian Proverb

When God punishes a land, he deprives it leaders of wisdom. ~ Italian Proverb

The dying cannot leave their wisdom or experience to their heirs. ~ Italian Proverb

The palace leads to fame, the market to fortune, and loneliness to wisdom. ~ Chinese Proverb

Maturity comes from wisdom not in the passing of years. ~ Iranian Proverbs

Hunt in every jungle, for there is wisdom and good hunting in all of them. ~ African Proverb

Rivalry of scholars advances wisdom. ~ Hebrew Proverb

To the world wisdom is folly; to the wise the world is foolish. ~ Indian Proverb

If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. ~ African proverb

Great doubts deep wisdom. Small doubts little wisdom. ~ Chinese Proverb

Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day. ~ Zen Proverb

The hot sun melts away the snow; when anger comes, does wisdom go. ~ Indian Proverbs

Knowing just one word of wisdom is like knowing a hundred ordinary words. ~ Tibetan Proverb

Wisdom consists of ten parts: nine parts silence, and one part a few words. ~ Arabian Proverb

From listening comes wisdom, and from speaking repentance. ~ Italian Proverbs

Wisdom is not like money to be tied up and hidden. ~ Ghanaian Proverb

You cannot buy wisdom abroad if there is none at home. ~ Russian Proverbs

Poor folk’s wisdom counts very little. ~ Dutch Proverb

Experience is the mother of wisdom. ~ Traditional Proverb

Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom. ~ Chinese Proverb

Wealth gets in the way of wisdom. ~ Japanese Proverb

Wisdom does not come overnight. ~ Somali Proverb

The greatest wisdom of all is kindness. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass. ~ Japanese Proverb

What use is wisdom when folly reigns? ~ Yiddish Proverb

The pine stays green in winter, wisdom in hardship. ~ Chinese Proverb

Silence is the fence around wisdom. ~ Yiddish Proverbs

Boasting begins where wisdom stops. ~ Japanese Proverb

Men can acquire knowledge, but not wisdom. Some of the greatest fools ever known were learned men. ~ Spanish Proverbs

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. ~ Chinese Proverb

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. ~ East African Proverb

Only through suffering and sorrow do we acquire the wisdom not found in books. ~ Japanese Proverbs

Useless wisdom is double foolishness. ~ Icelandic Proverb

Under a ragged coat lies wisdom. ~ Romanian Proverb

Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand. ~ Guinean proverb

If a rich man eats a snake people say, “This is wisdom!” If a poor man eats a snake people say, “This is folly!” ~ Lebanese Proverbs

Economy is the wealth of the poor and the wisdom of the rich. ~ French Proverb

A miser’s money takes the place of wisdom. ~ Dutch Proverbs
Saying about Wisdom

Quotations about Wisdom

Pain makes man think. Thought makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable. ~ John Patrick

Wisdom always makes men fortunate: for by wisdom no man could ever err, and therefore he must act rightly and succeed, or his wisdom would be wisdom no longer. ~ Plato

Wisdom no more consists in science than happiness in wealth. ~ Marquis Stanislas Jean de Boufflers

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. ~ Jimi Hendrix

Wisdom consists in being able to distinguish among dangers and make a choice of the least harmful. ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. ~ Martin H. Fischer

A man remains ignorant because he loves ignorance, and chooses ignorant thoughts; a man becomes wise because he loves wisdom and chooses wise thoughts. ~ James Allen

Wisdom is often counted folly by the unwise. ~ Edward Counsel

Wisdom begins at the end. ~ Daniel Webster

Never, no, never did Nature say one thing and Wisdom say another. ~ Edmund Burke

Wisdom is understanding when to ask questions. ~ Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Memory is the mother of all wisdom. ~ Aeschylus

There is a wisdom of the head, and … there is a wisdom of the heart.~ Charles Dickens

Learned men fall into error oftenest by mistaking knowledge for wisdom. ~ Austin O’Malley

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit. ~ Elbert Hubbard

There is no wisdom, save in truth. Truth is everlasting, but our ideas about truth are changeable. Only a little of the first fruits of wisdom, only a few fragments of the boundless heights, breadths and depths of truth, have I been able to gather. ~ Martin Luther Quotes

Wisdom is a safe ship; and we may trust ourselves to it in all weathers. ~ Edward Counsel

Wisdom is wisdom, wherever found. ~ G. David Nordley

He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom. ~ James Gibbons Huneker

The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages may be preserved by quotation. ~ Isaac D’Israeli,

Half a man’s wisdom goes with his courage. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowledge is flour, but wisdom is bread. ~ Austin O’Malley

Wisdom’s door is ever open. ~ Edward Counsel

Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse. ~ Thomas Fuller

Wisdom grows in quiet places. ~ Austin O’Malley

Wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Like water in the desert is wisdom to the soul. ~ Edward Counsel

All wisdom ends in paradox. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides

Wisdom is mostly the fruit of experience. ~ Edward Counsel

When wisdom leaves the house folly enters it. ~ Edward Counsel

This type of man who is devoted to the study of wisdom is always most unlucky in everything, and particularly when it comes to procreating children; I imagine this is because Nature wants to ensure that the evils of wisdom shall not spread further throughout mankind. ~ Desiderius Erasmus

Mixing one’s wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably. ~ Bertolt Brecht

Wisdom is never on the menu, you have to own the restaurant. ~ Carrie Latet

Learning sleeps and snores in libraries, but wisdom is everywhere, wide awake, on tiptoe. ~ Josh Billings

Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late. ~ Felix Frankfurter

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. ~ Juvenal, Satires

Wisdom sails with wind and time. ~ John Florio

The wise man knows nothing if he cannot benefit from his wisdom. Wisdom is not only to be acquired, but also to be utilized. ~ Marcus T. Cicero

Wisdom hath her excesses, and no less need of moderation than folly. ~ Michel Eyquem De Montaigne

No man has all the wisdom in the world; everyone has some. ~ Edgar Watson Howe

Common-sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Cunning is seeing a hundred yards ahead–wisdom, fifty miles in advance. ~ Charles William Day

Justice without wisdom is impossible. ~ James Anthony Froude

It’s a beautiful thing, the blossoming of Wisdom. Like a flower in spring. ~ Michael Rudd

The doors of wisdom are never shut. ~ Benjamin Franklin Quotes

We judge of man’s wisdom by his hope. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wisdom comes only through suffering. ~ Aeschylus

Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion? ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~ St. Augustine

Everyone whose deeds are more than his wisdom, his wisdom endures; and everyone whose wisdom is more than his deeds, his wisdom does not endure. ~ The Talmud

To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences. ~ Norman Cousins

Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two. ~ Octavio Paz

The wealth of mankind is the wisdom they leave. ~ John Boyle O’Reilly

Wisdom is the only thing which can relieve us from the sway of the passions and the fear of danger, and which can teach us to bear the injuries of fortune itself with moderation, and which shows us all the ways which lead to tranquillity and peace. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

There is this difference between happiness and wisdom: he that thinks himself the happiest man is really so; but he that thinks himself the wisest is generally the greatest fool. ~ Francis Bacon

A simple realization that there are other points of view is the beginning of wisdom. ~ Grenville Kleiser

There are many gates to the house of wisdom. ~ Edward Counsel

Wisdom is the daughter of experience. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: The music is nothing if the audience is deaf. ~ Walter Lippmann

Wisdom is only found in truth. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes

A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew. ~ Herb Caen

Wisdom consists not no much in seeing as in foreseeing. ~ Hosea Ballou

Was not this … what we spoke of as the great advantage of wisdom — to know what is known and what is unknown to us? ~ Plato

The next thing to having wisdom ourselves, is to profit by that of others. ~ Charles Caleb Colton

Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk. ~ Doug Larson

Each of us knows all. We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom. ~ Dan Brown

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Wisdom is a treasure, the key whereof is never lost. ~ Edward Counsel

The beginning of wisdom is the knowledge of folly. ~ Norman Macdonald

Wisdom outweighs any wealth. ~ Sophocles

The wise man questions the wisdom of others because he questions his own, the foolish man, because it is different from his own. ~ Leo Stein

Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. ~ Tom Wilson

Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it. ~ David Star Jordan

Wisdom is like electricity. There is no permanently wise man, but men capable of wisdom, who, being put into certain company, or other favorable conditions, become wise for a short time, as glasses rubbed acquire electric power for a while. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

The growth of wisdom may be gauged exactly by the diminution of ill temper. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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