Ball Games Proverbs

Sayings about Ball Games

The ball always looks for the best player. ~ French Proverbs

It’s tough trying to keep your feet on the ground, your head above the clouds, your nose to the grindstone, your shoulder to the wheel, your finger on the pulse, your eye on the ball and your ear to the ground. ~ Traditional Proverb

Keep your eye on the ball and your head in the game. ~ Traditional Proverb

Quotations about Ball Games

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Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half if physical. ~ Yogi Berra

Baseball is almost the only place in life where a sacrifice is really appreciated. ~ Mark Beltaire

The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does. ~ Phil Woosnam

Baseball is a game, yes. It is also a business. ~ Willie Mays

Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many players on the field? ~ Jim Boulton

Baseball is an island of activity amidst a sea of statistics. ~ Author Unknown

Football incorporates the two worst elements of American society: violence punctuated by committee meetings.~ George F. Will

Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical. ~ Yogi Berra

Football is the opera of the people. ~ Stafford Heginbotham

Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggressions without going to jail for it.~ Heywood Hale Brown

Baseball is a ballet without music. Drama without words. ~ Ernie Harwell

A losing football team looks at excuses. A championship football team looks at solutions.~ Jimmy Johnson

Baseball is a pretty sight and a nice experience, win or lose, particularly if it is watched in a nice park. ~ Daniel Okrent & Harris Lewine

Baseball is a team sport, encoding in its formula for success social and intellectual abilities that individual sports do not require. ~ Timothy Morris

Baseball is a game played by idiots for morons. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love. ~ Bryant Gumbel

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball. ~ Jacques Barzun

The first ninety minutes of a football match are the most important.~ Bobby Robson

Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~ Toby Harrah

In basketball — as in life — true joy comes from being fully present in each and every moment, not just when things are going your way. ~ Phil Jackson

Basketball is a sport that involves the subtle interweaving of players at full speed to the point where they are thinking and moving as one. ~ Phil Jackson

Weekends don’t pay as well as weekdays but at least there’s football. ~ S.A. Sachs

Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins.~ Paul Brown

A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. ~ Vince Lombardi

Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast. ~ Joe Garagiola

Basketball is like war in that offensive weapons are developed first, and it always takes a while for the defense to catch up. ~ Red Auerbach

Football is a game designed to keep coal miners off the streets.~ Jimmy Breslin

Baseball crosses social barriers, creates community spirit, and is much more than a private enterprise. Baseball is a national pastime. ~ Harry Seymour

I look at the NBA as a football game without the helmet. ~ Tom Tolbert

Baseball is almost the only orderly thing in a very unorderly world. If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can’t get you off. ~ Bill Veeck

Academy: A modern school where football is taught.~ Ambrose Bierce

Baseball is the only game left for people. To play basketball, you have to be 7 feet 6 inches. To play football, you have to be the same width. ~ Bill Veeck

Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.~ Don Shula

No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined. ~ Paul Gallico

More than any other American sport, baseball creates the magnetic, addictive illusion that it can almost be understood. ~ Thomas Boswell

If football players were armed with guns, there wouldn’t be stadiums large enough to hold the crowds. ~ Irwin Shaw

Baseball gives you every chance to be great. Then it puts every pressure on you to prove that you haven’t got what it takes. It never takes away the chance, and it never eases up on the pressure. ~ Joe Garagiola

Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns. ~ John Leonard

Baseball is the belly-button of our society. Straighten out baseball, and you straighten out the rest of the world. ~ Bill Lee

You can’t think and hit the ball at the same time. ~ Yogi Berra

The only place you can win a football game is on the field. The only place you can lose it is in your heart.~ Darrell Royal

Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead. ~ Jackie Robinson

Baseball is a fun game. It beats working for a living. ~ Phil Linz

You can’t win without the ball. ~ Red Auerbach

Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life. Violence and committee meetings. ~ George Will

Baseball gives … a growing boy self-poise and self-reliance. Baseball is a man maker. ~ Al Spalding

Any American boy can be a basketball star if he grows up, up, up. ~ Bill Vaughn

Basketball is like photography, if you don’t focus, all you have is the negative. ~ Dan Frisby

Baseball is the only sport I know that when you’re on offense, the other team controls the ball. ~ Ken Harrelson

Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer. ~ Ted Williams

Football is to baseball as blackjack is to bridge. ~ Vin Scully

Politics is like football; if you see daylight, go through the hole.~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Basketball is the MTV of sports. ~ Sara Levinson

Baseball is the only major sport that appears backwards in a mirror. ~ George Carlin

If basketball is checkers, baseball is chess–and the endless configurations of its statistics are quantum physics! ~ Liz Musiker

Football is not a contact sport; it’s a collision sport. Dancing is a good example of a contact sport. ~ Duffy Daugherty

Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up. ~ Bob Lemon

Baseball is an art! A drama! A ballet without music! Let us give it a Greek chorus! ~ Deborah Wiles

Baseball is too much of a sport to be called a business, and too much of a business to be called a sport. ~ Philip Wrigley

Baseball is sunshine, green grass, fathers and sons, our rural past. ~ Albert Powers

They said playing basketball would kill me. Well, not playing basketball was killing me. ~ Earvin Johnson

Football doesn’t build character. It eliminates weak ones.~ Darrell Royal

The reason women don’t play football is because eleven of them would never wear the same outfit in public. ~ Phyllis Diller

Well, boys, it’s a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball square. ~ Joe Schultz

Baseball isn’t a business, it’s more like a disease. ~ Walter F. O’Malley

Concerning football playing, I protest to you it may rather be called a friendly kind of fighting, rather than recreation. ~ Author Unknown

Football games aren’t won, they’re lost.~ Fielding Yost

There are only five things you can do in baseball: run, throw, catch, hit and hit with power. ~ Leo Durocher

In football the object is to march into enemy territory and cross his goal. In baseball the object is to go home. ~ George Carlin

The English public doesn’t really like Shakespeare; it prefers football. ~ Herbert Beerbohm Tree

Football is easy if you’re crazy as hell.~ Bo Jackson

Baseball is reassuring. It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up. ~ Sharon Olds

Baseball is more than a game to me, it’s a religon. ~ William Joseph Klem

Soccer is a game in which everyone does a lot of running around. Twenty-one guys stand around and one guy does a tap dance with the ball. ~ Jim Murray

In the great department store of life, baseball is the toy department. ~ Author Unknown

Baseball is what we were. Football is what we have become. ~ Mary McGrory

Baseball is a game that boys play for fun and men play for keeps. ~ Barney Mann

If football taught me anything about business, it is that you win the game one play at a time.~ Fran Tarkenton

The way you get better at playing football is to play football.~ Gene Brodie

Baseball is a game of inches. ~ Branch Rickey

The invention of basketball was not an accident. It was developed to meet a need. ~ James Naismith

See the ball; hit the ball. ~ Pete Rose

You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you too. ~ Roy Campanella

Baseball is purer than life; it’s symmetrical, fair, and dignified. There’s no debating what happened: it happened. ~ Marvin Cohm

The great trouble with baseball today is that most of the players are in the game for the money and that’s it, not for the love of it, the excitement of it, the thrill of it.~ Ty Cobb

Football is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys. ~ Oscar Wilde

Baseball? It’s just a game — as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It’s a sport, business — and sometimes even religion. ~ Ernie Harwell

There’s nothing in this world that comes easy. There are a lot of people who aren’t going to bother to win. We learn in football to get up and go once more.~ Woody Hayes

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too. ~ Yogi Berra

There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens. ~ Tommy Lasorda

In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are. ~ Arnold H. Glasow

Baseball is like church. Many attend few understand. ~ Leo Durocher

Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended. ~ George Bernard Shaw

I only want to play basketball, and play it well and be happy about it. But I realize that with being famous comes a lot of demands. ~ Yao Ming

Confucius say: “Baseball wrong – man with four balls cannot walk.” ~ Author Unknown

Take nothing for granted in baseball. ~ Harry Pulliam

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.~ Bill Shankly

Playing baseball for a living is like having a license to steal. ~ Pete Rose

Football is like life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.~ Vince Lombardi

Baseball is such a game of hope. Anything can happen–and often does–usually in the most tension-filled times. ~ Peter Doumit

Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.~ Frank Gifford

Baseball is a game where a curve is an optical illusion, a screwball can be a pitch or a person, stealing is legal and you can spit anywhere you like except in the umpire’s eye or on the ball. ~ Jim Murray

Good ballplayers make good citizens. ~ Chester Alan Arthur