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Dealing with Betrayal: 43 Family Betrayal Quotes and Sayings

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Spanish Proverbs on Mothers: A Collection of Timeless Wisdom and Love

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Charity Proverbs

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Inheritance Proverbs

Sayings about Inheritance A good name is a second inheritance. ~German Proverbs The tears of an heir are laughter under a mask.~Latin… Read More

Home is Best…

Sayings about Home Earth is but a marketplace; heaven is home. ~ West African Proverb If you have a good cellar… Read More

Sayings about Building

An hour may destroy what an age was building. ~ English Proverbs A talkative bird will not build a nest. ~ West African Proverb… Read More

Marriage Proverbs

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House Proverbs

The Danish proverb says:"To a friend’s house the road is never long."... This page is a compilation of proverbs,quotes and… Read More

Parents Proverbs

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Housework Proverbs

The Polish proverb taught us that If each person would sweep before his own house!... This page is a compilation… Read More