Best Irish Quotes About Love

The wisdom of different peoples all over the world is an endless source of inspiration and the reason to exchange quotes and thoughts of those who have another cultural background. Today we present you quotes of Irish writers about love, relationships, men and women. You will not only see sheer hints and tips for dating in these sayings but understand what kind of people the Irish are.

Let’s start from the proverbs:

  • Three things that are never visible: the tip of the blade, wind, and love.
  • The heart of loved ones is your strength
  • The one who kisses in public often makes you cry in private.
  • Open your eyes wide before marriage, close your eyes after marriage.
  • Love should be shared with your wife and secrets with mother.
  • Love at first sight often comes at dusk.
  • The kiss is as pleasant as delicious food, but it lasts shorter.
  • If whiskey cannot cure love – this love is hopeless!

And citations of famous writers:

  • “A person can live all his life alone. Well, maybe. But still, he needs someone who buries him even though he himself can dig a grave for himself. “- James Joyce
  • “I love you, I love you, my heart is a rose that blossomed thanks to your love, my life is a desert covered in the gentle breeze of your breath and irrigated by the cool springs of your eyes; the traces of your little legs became shady oases for me, the smell of your hair is like the scent of myrrh, and wherever you go, the fragrance of a cinnamon tree comes from you. ”- Oscar Wilde
  • “Friendship between a man and a woman is impossible. Passion, enmity, adoration, love – just not friendship. “- Oscar Wilde
  • “Men always want to be a woman’s, first love. Women dream of being the last relationship of a man. ”- Oscar Wilde
  • “Self-love is the beginning of a novel that lasts a lifetime.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “Friendship is more tragic than love — it dies much longer.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “The love of a married woman is a great thing. Married men have never dreamed of it. “- Oscar Wilde
  • “Keep love in your heart. Life without it is like a sunless garden with dead flowers. “- Oscar Wilde
  • “Holiness is created by love. Saints are the people who loved the most. ”- Oscar Wilde
  • “The difference between a caprice and eternal love is that caprice lasts a little longer.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “What they do in paradise? We do not know, but we know for sure what they don’t do there: they don’t get married and build a family. “- Jonathan Swift
  • “If there are so few happy marriages in the world, it is only because girls pay much more attention to weaving traps than building cages.” – Jonathan Swift
  • “Love between a man and a woman is impossible because physical attraction is unacceptable; the friendship between a man and a woman is impossible because physical attraction is inevitable. ”- James Joyce
  • “If you love me, love my umbrella. ”- James Joyce
  • “Love loves loving love. ”- James Joyce
  • “Now that she was dead, he realized how lonely he was, surely, there were long evenings in that room. His life will also be lonely until he dies, ceases to exist, does not turn into a memory – if only someone remembers him. ”- James Joyce
  • “If you start with self-sacrifice for those you love, then you can end up with hatred for those who you sacrificed yourself for. ”- Bernard Show
  • “A test for love between a man or woman is their behavior during a quarrel. ”- Bernard Show
  • “It’s easier to live with a passionate woman than with a boring woman. True, they are sometimes killed, but they are never abandoned. ”- Bernard Show
  • “Feelings make a person think but thoughts do not make him feel at all. ”-  Bernard Show
  • “First love requires only a little stupidity and a lot of curiosity. ”- Bernard Show
  • “A polite person should treat his wife as any unfamiliar woman, only ten times more polite. ”-  Bernard Show
  • “It seems to me that there is something in the nature of women that allows men to open their souls to them, share their feelings, without experiencing the humiliation of masculine dignity. ”- Bram Stoker
  • “Meeting friend is perhaps even less common than a lover but the last is at least less selfish. ”- Bram Stoker
  • “Oh my dear, if I am destined to accept death from someone else’s hand, then let it be the hand of the one who loves me the most. ”- Bram Stoker
  • “Devotion is a rare occurrence and involuntarily touches, especially in relation to those whom we love. ”- Bram Stoker
  • “Only a woman can help a man when he has a heartbreak. ”- Bram Stoker
  • “Do you love me? You may want that which does not exist, but you cannot love it. … So that you don’t have to love me anymore, .. – so that you don’t have a sentence to love me, that you receive an exhilarating love for me … All women are the same, the hell the same, you can’t love, get out of the way. you cannot love even five minutes so you don’t want to end love. ”- Samuel Beckett