Food and Drinks

Sugar Proverbs

The Indian proverb suggested that if you can't give any sugar then speak sweetly!"... This page is a compilation of… Read More

Water Proverbs

The English Proverb says that We never know the worth of water until the well is dry ... This page… Read More

Meat Proverbs

The French proverb advised that the best soup is made of old meat!"... This page is a compilation of proverbs,… Read More

Rice Proverbs

Love is like young rice: transplanted, still it grows, says the Malagasy proverb... This page is a compilation of quotes… Read More

Salt Proverbs

The Italian proverb says that The salt of patience seasons everything! This page is a compilation of quotes & sayings… Read More

Milk Proverbs

The Russian proverb noted that no one can milk a cow with your hands in his pockets!"... This page is… Read More