Chadian Proverbs

Sayings of Chadian origin

If you always walk down the same path, you’ll go where you’ve already been.

It takes a long time to unite an entire village hunting group.

The lion’s power lies in our fear of him.

If the man in front falls into a hole, do not follow him.

There is no such thing as a small fire or a small woman.

Only when a tree is big and strong can you tether a cow to it.

If two wise men always agree, then there is no need for one of them.

The shepherd of a herd of toads must be very patient with his rod.

Arrogance burned the chief’s compound.

In its own nest the beetle is king.

A leader in the community without a pot belly is a stingy man.

Prefer the leader who comes to you.

If you overtake a leader, you break your neck.

Ask for support if you wish to remain strong.

You cannot climb to the mountain top without crushing some weeds with your feet.

It’s much easier to swim in the direction of the current.

Where two rivers meet, the waters are never calm.

The jungle is stronger than the elephant.

The lion loves fish, but hates wet feet.

Discord between the powerful is a fortune for the poor.

The more feathers a chicken has, the bigger it looks and the nearer it approaches its grave.

A man with too much ambition cannot sleep in peace.

Every rooster is a town crier in his own dung heap.

Without a leader, black ants are confused.

When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.

Laughter is a language everyone understands.

The elephant needs noise.

Too many roosters crowing at the same time make the dawn take too long.

The palm tree that encourages birds to nest in it should not cry over shattered leaves.

Look for misfortune, or it will track you down first.

If you are tolerant in one moment of fury, you will prevent a year of regret.

A cat in its castle has lion’s teeth.

Your beauty is in what you have.

Somewhere the sky touches the earth, and the name of that place is the end.

If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom.

When the master of the house lacks wisdom, the doctor’s work is useless.

When the village chief himself goes around inviting people to a meeting, know there is something wrong with the system.

He who is destined for power does not have to fight for it.

You are who you pretend to be.

A tyrant is only a slave turned inside out.

Those in power never give way and admit defeat; they plot and scheme to regain their lost power and privilege.

When you befriend a chief, remember that he sits on a rope.

Mere strength does not denote chieftainship, otherwise the hornbill would be king of the birds.

A wasp can be more dangerous than a tiger.

If those with horns cannot manage, what about those without them?

If you fear something you give it power over you.

When there is peace in the country, the chief does not carry a shield.

To destroy the bones of an elephant, strike them against other elephant bones.

The humble pay for the mistakes of their betters.

A cockerel fears the cockerel that removes its feathers.

He who wants to be famous will have many sleepless nights.

Horns which are put on do not stick properly.

He is like a drum which makes a lot of noise but is hollow inside.

When the baobab tree has fallen, the goats start climbing it.

Sleep is the brother of death.

If the cockroach wants to rule over the chicken, then it must hire the fox as a body-guard.

A ruler who is weak puts a load on his head.

A clever bird builds its nest with other birds’ feathers.

If birds travel without coordination, they beat each other’s wings.

If a man wants to grow a long tooth, he should have the lip to cover it.

When the leading animal is lame, the herd fails to get to the pasture.

For lack of criticism, the trunk of the elephant grew very long.

Do not try to cook the goat’s young in the goat’s milk.

The Republic of Chad

Chad, is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest and Niger to the west. It is the fifth largest country in Africa in terms of area.
Chad has several regions: a desert zone in the north, an arid Sahelian belt in the centre and a more fertile Sudanian Savanna zone in the south. Lake Chad, after which the country is named, is the largest wetland in Chad and the second-largest in Africa.

N’Djamena is the capital and largest city of Chad. A port on the Chari River, near the confluence with the Logone River, it directly faces the Cameroonian town of Kousséri, to which the city is connected by a bridge. It is also a special statute region, divided into 10 arrondissements. It is a regional market for livestock, salt, dates, and grains. Meat, fish and cotton processing are the chief industries, and the city continues to serve as the center of economic activity in Chad.

Chad’s official business languages are French and Arabic, but over 100 languages and dialects are spoken. Due to the important role played by itinerant Arab traders and settled merchants in local communities, Chadian Arabic has become a lingua franca.(An excerpt from Wikipedia)

La Tchadienne is the national anthem of Chad.

Chad National Anthem ( English Lyrics):

People of Chad, arise and to work!
You have conquered the soil and won your rights;
Your freedom will be born of your courage.
Lift up your eyes, the future is yours.

O my Country, may God protect you,
May your neighbours admire your children.
Joyful, peaceful, advance as you sing,
Faithful to your fathers who are watching you.

People of Chad, arise and to work!
You have conquered the soil and won your rights;
Your freedom will be born of your courage.
Lift up your eyes, the future is yours.

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