Games Proverbs

Sayings about Games

In the game no one is brother to others. ~ Norwegian Proverb

The more you flatter a fool, the more seriously he plays his game. ~ Spanish Proverbs

Many people can pack the cards; fewer can play the game. ~ Italian Proverb

In a game it’s difficult to know when to stop. ~ Polish Proverb

When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game. ~ German Proverbs

Those who play the game do not see as clearly as those who watch. ~ Chinese Proverb

By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed. ~ Ghanaian Proverb

Keep your eye on the ball and your head in the game. ~ Traditional Proverb

A man of high principles is someone who can watch a chess game without passing comment. ~ Chinese Proverb

He who makes the first bad move always loses the game. ~ Japanese Proverbs

A fool only wins the first game. ~ Danish Proverbs

He who leaves the game, loses. ~ French Proverb

It is a bad game where nobody wins. ~ Italian Proverbs

When luck joins in the game, cleverness scores double. ~ Yiddish Proverb

Life is like a game in which God shuffles the cards, the devil deals them and we have to play the trumps. ~ Yugoslavian Proverb

Quotations about Games

There’s a difference between fair game and playing games. ~ Hillary Clinton

Life is more fun if you play games. ~ Roald Dahl

If I’ve learned anything from video games, it’s what when you meet enemies it means you’re going in the right direction. ~ Author Unknown

Set short term goals and you’ll win games. Set long term goals and you’ll win championships! ~ Author Unknown

Life is a video game. No matter how good you get, you are always zapped in the end. ~ Author Unknown

Goal scoring is a recurring theme. If you aren’t scoring then you aren’t going to win games. That’s obvious. ~ Gary Speed

It’s all fun and games ’till someone loses an eye, then it’s just fun you can’t see. ~ James Hetfield

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. ~ Michael Jordan

Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games. ~ Babe Ruth

It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans. ~ Robert Lynd

No human being is innocent, but there is a class of innocent human actions called Games. ~ W. H. Auden

There are only three sports: mountain climbing, bull fighting, and motor racing. All the rest are merely games. ~ Ernest Hemingway

The internet is a wild land with its own games, languages and gestures through which we are starting to share common feelings. ~ Ai Weiwei

Intelligence and war are games, perhaps the only meaningful games left. If any player becomes too proficient, the game is threatened with termination. ~ William S. Burroughs

By playing games you can artificially speed up your learning curve to develop the right kind of thought processes. ~ Nate Silver

The Games are just a nice, positive way to build friendships, camaraderie and, of course, self-esteem. Plus, the Games are a great opportunity for people to participate in sports who normally wouldn’t. ~ Greg Louganis

Every footballer wants to play forever. And if you are going to keep on playing – to enjoy it to the full – you want to win games, and as a result, trophies. ~ Ryan Giggs

Every season is a new challenge to me, and I always set out to improve in terms of games, goals, assists. ~ Cristiano Ronaldo

I’ve always loved to play games, and face it: investing is one big game. You need to be decisive, open-minded, flexible and competitive. ~ Stanley Druckenmiller

Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That’s part of what I love about games, that they are social. ~ Rich Sommer

People understand there’s political games being played and that’s just part of the process. ~ Kevin Deneen

Never play cat and mouse games if you’re a mouse. ~ Don Addis

Games lubricate the body and the mind. ~ Benjamin Franklin