Karl Kaiser proverbs

We can see bad character traits that we see in others in ourselves. ~ Karl Kaiser

Advertising & propaganda do always work, even in enlightened and intelligent people: You simply have to repeat your message often enough. ~ Karl Kaiser

Every person who seeks publicity (becomes a public person) is attacked, no matter if he (or she) is good or bad. ~ Karl Kaiser

The media and their consumers prefer good stories over true stories. ~ Karl Kaiser

Objective definitions (contents) in the election campaign are dangerous because the views of the electorate are too diverse. Assuming 50% are against and 50% when it comes to issue A and similarly in issue B, then the party that expresses itself concretely on the two topics A and B has only 25% of the votes, and so on. (simplified) ~ Karl Kaiser

Even if the physicists knew all laws of nature, they still would not know why they are the way they are. (Except it could be proven that only this single possibility exists) ~ Karl Kaiser

Unhappy people can be evil, out of jealousy. ~ Karl Kaiser

Every idea finds its followers, simply because it exists. ~ Karl Kaiser

Karl Kaiser Drawing
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