Knowing Proverbs

Sayings about Knowing

He, who does not know one thing knows another. ~ Kenyan Proverb

He, who has not tasted bitter things, knows not what sweet is. ~ German Proverb

You know, you teach. You do not know, you learn. ~ Lao Proverb

It is the wife who knows her husband. ~ Ghanaian Proverb

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~ Saying

He, who knows not when he has enough, is poor. ~ Japanese Proverb

He, who knows little quickly tells it. ~ Italian Proverb

Teach thy tongue to say, “I do not know“. ~ Hebrew Proverb

He, who knows nothing, doubts nothing. ~ Brazilian Proverb

Even though you know a thousand things, ask the man who knows one. ~ Turkish Proverb

What I do not know will not keep me warm. ~ Austrian Proverb

You don’t have to know much to read, but you do to cook. ~ Turkish Proverb

A fool who knows he is a fool has a little intelligence, but a fool that thinks he is intelligent is really a fool. ~ Sanskrit Proverb

Years know more than books. ~ American Proverb

The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you just learned this morning. ~ Saying

He is rich who knows when he has enough. ~ Japanese Proverb

What three men know then the whole world knows. ~ Norwegian Proverb

He who knows little knows enough if he knows how to hold is tongue. ~ Italian Proverb

Who does not know one thing knows another. ~ Kenyan Proverb

He who knows the darkness shall learn to live in the light. ~ Saying

Whoever knows how to use a pen never adds his own name to the “guilty” list. ~ Arabian Proverb

He, who knows his heart mistrusts his eyes. ~ Chinese Proverb

Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows. ~ Traditional Proverb

Who knows most believes least. ~ Saying

Only he who knows his own weaknesses can endure those of others.~ Japanese Proverb

He, who cannot light a fire knows nothing about love. ~ Finnish Proverb

Who knows much says least. ~ Traditional Proverb

He who knows nothing is as blind as him who cannot see. ~ Spanish Proverb

To teach well, we need not say all that we know, Successful teachers are effective in spite of the psychological theories they suffer under. ~ Traditional Proverb

He, who knows how to live, knows enough. ~ Spanish Proverb

Who knows the language is at home everywhere. ~ Dutch Proverb

He who knows all the answers has not yet been asked all the questions. ~ Saying

He, who knows nothing neither doubts nor fears anything. ~ Mexican Proverb

Happy is the man who knows he’s happy. ~ Chinese Proverb

He, who knows much makes many mistakes. ~ Turkish Proverb

He, who knows himself knows everybody. ~ Chinese Proverb

Every animal knows more than you do. ~ Native American Proverb

No man knows less than the man who knows it all. ~ Saying

To teach successfully we must tell all we know, but only what is adaptable to the student. ~ Saying

He , who know snot shame does whatever he likes. ~ Egyptian Proverb

Quotations about Knowing

He who knows how to suffer everything can dare everything. ~ Marquis De Vauvenargues

The most that any of us know is the least of that which is to be known. ~ Benjamin Whichcote

You have to live to really know things. ~ Dan Simmons

He who knows he has enough is rich. ~ Lao-Tzu

The most happy man is he who knows how to bring into relation the end and beginning of his life. ~ Goethe

The happy man is he who knows his limitations, yet bows to no false gods. ~ Robert W. Service

What you know is a club for yourself, and what you don’t know is a meat-ax for the other fellow. ~ George Horace Lorimer

Few can tell what they know without also showing what they do not know. ~ Ivan Panin

He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that. ~ John Stuart Mill

He who knows others is clever; He who knows himself has discernment. ~ Lao-Tzu

He, who knows how to be poor knows everything. ~ Jules Michelet

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. ~ Lao-Tzu

I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. ~ Richard Feynman

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