Worship Proverbs

Sayings about Worship

He who doesn’t know the church worships the stove. ~ Czech Proverbs

He who carves the Buddha never worships him. ~ Chinese Proverb

Whether you ignore a pig, or worship that pig from afar, to the pig it’s all the same. ~ Traditional Proverb

If you see that a town worships a calf, then cut the grass and feed it. ~ Ethiopian Proverbs

Hospitality is one form of worship. ~ Jewish Proverbs

You cannot worship an unknown saint. ~ Mexican Proverb

You can worship a sardine’s head if you believe in it. ~ Japanese Proverbs

Quotations about Worship

If we do not endeavor to imitate Him whom we worship, we do not worship Him in sincerity. ~ Hannah More

Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the One worshiped. ~ W. Hayford

I love the freedom of my wings. I love the empty space above the ground. I rejoice in my freedom. Freedom is my religion. Peace is my God. Love is my worship. ~ Banani Ray

Worship is transcendent wonder. ~ Thomas Carlyle

Try to treat with equal love all the people with whom you have relations. Thus the abyss between ‘myself’ and ‘yourself’ will be filled in, which is the goal of all religious worship.~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

An attack on one house of worship is an attack on all houses of worship. ~Pierre Atlas

The powerless worship Luck and Fate. ~ Mason Cooley

Worship is man’s highest end, for it is the employment of his highest faculties and affections on the sublimest subject. ~ William E. Channing

It is for the sake of man, not of God, that worship and prayers are required; not that God may be rendered more glorious, but that man may be made better. ~ Hugh Blair

Worship is a lifestyle. What you do throughout the day is your act of worship to God. ~ Patrick Mabilog

The oldest and wisest of human communities show most respect to the gods, and are most careful of their worship. ~ Xenophon

Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship. ~ David Foster Wallace

Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold–all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. ~ Richmond West

Remember that God will not be mocked; that it is the heart of the worshiper which He regards. We are never safe till we love Him with our whole heart whom we pretend to worship. ~ Bishop Joseph Henshaw

It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow. ~ Terrance W. Klein

Either we worship something worthy of ourselves, something truly beyond ourselves, an utter mystery of truth and love and beauty, or we find something small and mean and make it our God, usually without the clarity of admitting that to ourselves. ~ Terrance W. Klein

Worship as though the Deity were present. If my mind is not engaged in my worship, it is as though I worshipped not. ~ Confucius Quotes

When we really worship anything, we love not only its clearness but its obscurity. We exult in its very invisibility. ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

I daresay anything can be made holy by being sincerely worshipped. ~ Iris Murdoch

Freedom of speech is of no use to a man who has nothing to say and freedom of worship is of no use to a man who has lost his God. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes

God alone is the object of the godly man’s worship. ~ George Swinnock

God is to be praised with the voice, and the heart should go therewith in holy exultation. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The best way of worshiping God is in allaying the distress of the times and improving the condition of mankind. ~ Abulfazzi

It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow. ~ Calvin Coolidge

Justice is the only worship. Love is the only priest. ~ Robert G. Ingersoll

‘Tis certain that worship stands in some commanding relation to the health of man, and to his highest powers, so as to be, in some manner, the source of intellect. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As worship begins in holy expectancy, it ends in holy obedience…. Holy obedience saves worship from becoming an opiate, an escape from the pressing needs of modern life. ~ Richard J. Foster

To worship God in spirit is the service and homage of the heart, and implies fear of God and trust in Him. ~ Martin Luther Quotes

The great end for which you are to worship here is, that you may worship everywhere. ~ William Ellery Channing

The act of divine worship is the inestimable privilege of man, the only created being who bows in humility and adoration. ~ Hosea Ballou

A life of kindness is the primary meaning of divine worship. ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

God has no need for our worship. It is we who need to show our gratitude for what we have received. ~ Thomas Aquinas

God is to be worshipped with the body as with the mind; for He made both, redeemed both, and will glorify both. ~ James Monroe

And what greater calamity can fall upon a nation than the loss of worship. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

Man always worships something; always he sees the Infinite shadowed forth in something finite; and indeed can and must so see it in any finite thing, once tempt him well to fix his eyes thereon. ~ Thomas Carlyle

Worship is about God. It’s not about us. It provides us with a way to thank and praise God, but it also works to remind us of who God is, his power, his glory. ~ Alannah Francis

All praise from all nations should be rendered unto the Lord. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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