Quarrel Proverbs

Sayings about Quarrel

It takes two to make a quarrel, but only one to end it.  ~ Spanish Proverb

Quarrels end, but words once spoken never die. ~ Sierra Leonean Proverbs

Quarrels do not last long if the wrong is only on one side. ~ French Proverbs

A quarrel is like buttermilk: once it’s out of the churn, the more you shake it, the more sour it grows. ~ Irish Proverbs

Women’s quarrels cause the men’s wars. ~ Japanese Proverbs

With man comes the quarrel. ~ Ethiopian Proverbs

Wise men do not quarrel with each other. ~ Danish Proverbs

Who seeks a quarrel will find it near at hand. ~ Italian Proverbs

When two quarrel both are in the wrong. ~ Dutch Proverbs

When two men quarrel, the one who yields first displays the nobler character. ~ Hebrew Proverb

When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game. ~ German Proverbs

To quarrel with a man of good speech is better than to converse with a man who does not speak well. ~ Sanskrit Proverbs

Three glasses of wine end a hundred quarrels. ~ Chinese Proverbs

They quarrel about an egg and let the hen fly. ~ German Proverbs

There’s nothing worse than a person looking for a quarrel. ~ Serbian Proverbs

The truth is half a quarrel. ~ Indian Proverbs

The quarrel that doesn’t concern you is pleasant to hear about. ~ Nigerian Proverbs

The quarrel of the sheep doesn’t concern the goats. ~ African Proverb

The noblemen’s quarrels can be read on the backs of the peasants. ~ Russian Proverbs

The bad plowman quarrels with his oxen. ~ Korean Proverbs

The bad gardener quarrels with his rake. ~ American Proverbs

Teeth will never quarrel with the tongue. ~ Ivorian Proverbs

Talking of an old debt always starts another quarrel. ~ Catalonian Proverbs

No marriage contract is made without a quarrel. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Mine and thine are the sources of all quarrels. ~ Danish Proverb

Lovely women, lovely quarrels. ~ Native American Proverb

It is a bad plowman that quarrels with his ox. ~ Korean Proverb

If you tell people to live together, you tell them to quarrel. ~ Congolese Proverbs

If you live in Rome, don’t quarrel with the Pope. ~ French Proverb

If there is only one earring among seven daughters, there will always be a quarrel on festival days. ~ Tibetan Proverbs

If cooks quarrel, the roast burns. ~ Chinese Proverb

I against my brother I and my brother against our cousin, my brother and our cousin against the neighbors all of us against the foreigner. ~ Bedouin Proverbs

Even Buddhist priests of the same temple quarrel occasionally. ~ Senegalese Proverbs

Don’t meddle with a family feud. ~ African Proverb

Bread and salt never quarrel. ~ Russian Proverb

Beware a rickety wall, a savage dog, and a quarrelsome person. ~ Iranian Proverb

Better be quarrelling than lonesome. ~ Irish Proverb

Beauty and chastity are always quarreling. ~ Spanish Proverb

An heir also inherits quarrels. ~ Namibian Proverb

An answer that does not resolve a quarrel makes a thousand new ones. ~ Chinese Proverb

An altercation is like buttermilk — the more you stir it, the sourer it gets. ~ Bolivian Proverbs

A good swordsman is not given to quarrel. ~ French Proverb

A bad workman quarrels with his tools. ~ Romanian Proverbs 

Quarrel Proverbs

Quotations about Quarrels

I thought your love eternal. Was it tied so loosely that a quarrel could divide? ~ John Dryden

It requires two indiscreet persons to institute a quarrel; one individual cannot quarrel alone. ~ Aime Martin

He that blows the coals in quarrels he has nothing to do with has no right to complain if the sparks fly in his face. ~ Benjamin Franklin

We often quarrel with the unfortunate to get rid of pitying them. ~ Luc de Clapier de Vauvanargues

Quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side. ~ Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

Women always find their bitterest foes among their own sex. ~ John Petit-Senn

The falling out of faithful friends, renewing is of love. ~ Richard Edwardes

The last sound on the worthless earth will be two human beings trying to launch a homemade spaceship and already quarreling about where they are going next. ~ William Faulkner

In all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of dullness. ~ George Eliot

I wish it were never one’s duty to quarrel with anybody; I do so hate it: but not to do it sometimes is to smile in the devil’s face. ~ George MacDonald

Persons unmask their evilest qualities when they do quarrel. ~ George Herbert

When two men quarrel, who owns the cooler head is the more to blame. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The foolish race of mankind are swarming below in the night; they shriek and rage and quarrel — and all of them are right. ~ Heinrich Heine

In love quarrels the party that loves the most is always most willing to acknowledge the greater fault. ~ Sir Walter Scott

Though a quarrel in the streets is a thing to be hated, the energies displayed in it are fine; the commonest man shows a grace in his quarrel. ~ John Keats

The test of a man or woman’s breeding is how they behave in a quarrel. ~ George Bernard Shaw Quoutes

A man may quarrel with himself alone; that is, by controverting his better instincts and knowledge when brought face to face with temptation. ~ William Ellery Channing

Coarse kindness is at least better than coarse anger; and in all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of its dullness. ~ George Eliot

It was completely fruitless to quarrel with the world, whereas the quarrel with oneself was occasionally fruitful and always, she had to admit, interesting. ~ May Sarton

In quarreling, the truth is always lost. ~ Publilius Syrus

The quarrels of lovers are like summer storms; everything is more beautiful when they have passed. ~ Madame Suzanne Curchod Necker

The best quarrels, in the heat, are cursed by those that feel their sharpness. ~ William Shakespeare

We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry. ~ William Butler Yeats

Quarrel? Nonsense; we have not quarreled. If one is not to get into a rage sometimes, what is the good of being friends? ~ George Eliot

We are sure to be losers when we quarrel with ourselves; it is a civil war, and in all such contentions, triumphs are defeats. ~ Charles Caleb Colton

In most quarrels there is a fault on both sides. A quarrel may be compared to a spark, which cannot be produced without a flint, as well as steel. Either of them may hammer on wood forever; no fire will follow. ~ Charles Caleb Colton

A quarrel between friends, when made up, adds a new tie to friendship. ~ St. Francis De Sales

For every quarrel a man and wife have before others, they have a hundred when alone. ~ Edgar Watson Howe

A quarrel is quickly settled when deserted by one party; there is no battle unless there be two. ~ Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Lovers quarrels are the renewal of love. ~ Terence

The Quarrel Of The Age: The Life And Times Of William Hazlitt. ~ Book preview

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