Present Proverbs

Sayings about the Present

Men see only the present; heaven sees the future. ~ Chinese Proverb

The golden age never was the present age. ~ English Proverb

The past is the future of the present. ~ Japanese Proverb

No time like the present. ~ Traditional Proverb

A sponge to wipe away the past; a rose to sweeten the present; a kiss to greet the future. ~ Arabian Proverb

Quotations about Present

Saying about present

Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable. ~ Francis Bacon

The present is an edifice which God cannot rebuild. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The more I give myself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty or judgmental about any other time, the better I feel about the quality of my work. ~ Wayne Dyer

There exists only the present instant…a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence. ~ Meister Eckhart

Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist and never shall. There is only now. ~ Christopher Paolini

This instant is the only time there is. ~ A Course In Miracles

Every man’s life lies within the present; for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Confine yourself to the present. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Look lovingly upon the present, for it holds the only things that are forever true.~ A Course In Miracles

We should not expect all the present to be as good as the best of the past. ~ Lewis F. Korns

In the present, every day is a miracle. ~ James G. Cozzens

Present-moment living, getting in touch with your “now,” is at the heart of effective living. When you think about it, there really is no other moment you can live. Now is all there is, and the future is just another present moment to live when it arrives. One thing is certain, you cannot live it until it does appear. ~ Wayne Dyer

It is not the weight of the future or the past that is pressing upon you, but ever that of the present alone. Even this burden, too, can be lessened if you confine it strictly to its own limits. ~ Marcus Aurelius

The best preparation for a better life next year is a full, complete, harmonious, joyous life this year. ~ Thomas Dreier

The flower of the present rosily blossomed. ~ Aldous Huxley

Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed. ~ Wayne Dyer

Don’t ruin the present with the ruined past. ~ Ellen Gilchrist

Life is only this place, this time, and these people right here and now. ~ Vincent Collins

The present contains nothing more than the past, and what is found in the effect was already in the cause. ~ Henri Louis Bergson

The pleasure we derive from the representation of the present is due, not only to the beauty it can be clothed in, but also to its essential quality of being the present. ~ Charles Baudelaire

We live in the present, we dream of the future and we learn eternal truths from the past. ~ Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year…. Today should always be our most wonderful day. ~ Thomas Dreier

Those who live to the future must always appear selfish to those who live to the present. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wisely improve the Present. It is thine. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. ~ Buddha Quotes

It’s no surprise the ‘Good Old Days’ seem better than the Present … They’ve spent more time in Editing! ~ Tom Wilson

The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind. ~ Kiran Desai

The present is pregnant with the future. ~ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Finish each day before you begin the next, and interpose a solid wall of sleep between the two. This you cannot do without temperance. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is one thing we can do, and the happiest people are those who do it to the limit of their ability. We can be completely present. We can be all here. We can… give all our attention to the opportunity before us. ~ Mark Van Doren

The present is the food of the future. ~ Edward Counsel

We steal if we touch tomorrow. It is God’s. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future and impossible to live in the past. ~ Jim Bishop

The present is a bright speck between the darkness of the future and the twilight of the past. ~ Eliza Cook

One of these days is none of these days. ~ H.G. Bohn

I do not know which makes a man more conservative — to know nothing but the present, or nothing but the past. ~ John Maynard Keynes

Right now a moment of time is passing by! We must become that moment. ~ Paul Cezanne

We must not confuse the present with the past. With regard to the past, no further action is possible. ~ Simon De Beauvoir

Give me insight into today and you may have the antique and future worlds. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got. ~ Art Buchwald

There’s no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past. ~ George Carlin

Who cares about great marks left hind? We have one life… Just one. it life. We have nothing else. ~ Ugo Betti

The present is only intelligible in the light of the past. ~ Archbishop Richard Chenevix Trench

Now is all we have. Everything that has ever happened to you, and anything that is ever going to happen to you, is just a thought. ~ Wayne Dyer

The Present is the living sum-total of the whole Past. ~ Thomas Carlyle

The present is an eternal now. ~ Abraham Cowley

To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings. ~ Mary Baker Eddy

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness. ~ Abraham Maslow

The present is all the ready money we can give. ~ Abraham Cowley

Forget the past and live the present hour. ~ Sarah Knowles Bolton

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