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Sayings about Questions

To question a wise man is the beginning of wisdom. ~ German Proverbs

One who is afraid of asking questions is ashamed of learning. ~ Danish Proverbs

To a quick question give a slow answer. ~ Italian Proverbs

Never has a man more need of his intelligence than when a fool asks him a question. ~ Chinese Proverb

Don’t ask questions about fairy tales. ~ Yiddish Proverbs

Every question has an answer. ~ Yiddish Proverb

Indiscreet questions must be answered with a lie. ~ Spanish Proverbs

The wise man asks questions of himself; the fool questions others. ~ Chinese Proverb

No one is without knowledge except he who asks no questions. ~ African Proverb

He, who asks questions, cannot avoid the answers. ~ Cameroonian Proverbs

The belly is like a judge that is silent yet still asks questions. ~ Russian Proverb

The real scholar is not afraid to ask questions of his pupil. ~ Chinese Proverb

One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer. ~ Mongolian Proverbs

Hasty questions require slow answers. ~ Dutch Proverbs

A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years. ~ English Proverbs

He who asks a question may be a fool for five minutes; he who asks no questions stays a fool forever. ~ Chinese Proverb

Ask no questions and hear no lies. ~ Traditional Proverb

Conversation is like making love; the man is the question, the woman the answer, and the union of both will bear fruit. ~ Arabian Proverb

If you ask questions, you cannot avoid answers. ~ Cameroon Proverbs

Questions Quotes

You shod not ask questions without knowledge. ~ W. Edwards Deming

You have to be willing to ask questions that almost no one else would ask. ~ Samantha Bee

You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions. ~ Naguib Mahfouz

When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die. ~ Lillian Smith

When I meet successful people I ask 100 questions as to what they attribute their success to. It is usually the same: persistence, hard work and hiring good people. ~ Kiana Tom

An educated man is one who has finally discovered that there are some questions to which nobody has the answer. ~ Author Unknown

When great questions end, little parties begin. ~ Walter Bagehot

What do I owe to my times, to my country, to my neighbors, to my friends? Such are the questions which a virtuous man ought often to ask himself. ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater

We should not only master questions, but also act upon them, and act definitely. ~ Woodrow T. Wilson

Turn your doubts to question; turn your question to prayers; turn your prayers to God. ~ Mark R. Litteton

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science. ~ Albert Einstein Quotes

To be or not to be isn’t the question. The question is how to prolong being. ~ Tom Robbins

There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love. ~ Johnny Depp

The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

The man who questions opinions is wise. The man who quarrels with facts is a fool. ~ Frank Garbutt

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. ~ Adolf Berle

Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new. ~ Og Mandino Quotes

So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being. ~ Franz Kafka

Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. ~ Anthony Robbins

Questioning is not the mode of conversation among gentlemen. ~ Samuel Johnson

Quality questions create a quality life. ~ Anthony Robbins

Poetry is a succession of questions which the poet constantly poses. ~ Vicente Aleixandre

Once you start asking questions, innocence is gone. ~ Mary Astor

No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions. ~ Charles Steinmetz

Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes

If you do not wish to be lied to, do not ask questions. If there were no questions, there would be no lies. ~ B. Traven

If we would have new knowledge, we must get a whole world of new questions. ~ Susanne Langer

I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions. ~ Lou Holtz

For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? ~ James Allen

Every clarification breeds new questions. ~ Arthur Bloch

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. ~ Edgar Cayce

Do not waste your time on Social Questions. What is the matter with the poor is Poverty; what is the matter with the rich is Uselessness. ~ George Bernard Shaw Quotes

Do not answer the person whose questions are vile. Do not question a person whose answers are vile. ~ Confucius Quotes

By looking at the questions the kids are asking, we learn the scope of what needs to be done. ~ Buffy Sainte-Marie

Better to ask a question than to remain ignorant. ~ Traditional Proverb

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. ~ George Eliot

And then what makes the work interesting is if you choose the right questions. ~ Bruce Nauman

A wise man, when asked how he had learned so much about everything, replied: “By never being ashamed or afraid to ask questions about anything of which I was ignorant.” ~ John Abbott

A sudden bold and unexpected question doth many times surprise a man and lay him open. ~ Francis Bacon

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom. ~ Francis Bacon

Questions Proverbs

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