Shadows Proverbs

Sayings about Shadows

All sins cast long shadows. ~ Irish Proverbs

If you are standing upright, don’t worry if your shadow is crooked. If you want an audience, start a fight. ~ Chinese Proverbs

Never judge things of which you only know the shadow. ~ Japanese Proverbs

Our shadow will follow us. ~ Tamil Proverbs

Old sins cast long shadows. ~ Traditional Proverb

Death is a shadow that always follows the body. ~ English Proverbs

The reputation of a man is like his shadow; it sometimes follows and sometimes precedes him, it is sometimes longer and sometimes shorter than his natural size. ~ French Proverbs

Small people always cast big shadows. ~ French Proverb

Too often do we waste time chasing a gust of wind or grasping at shadows. ~ Chinese Proverb

When the tree falls, the shadow flies. ~ Chinese Proverb

If you are eager to be in the shadow, leave your axe at home. ~ Japanese Proverb

Just as tall trees are known by their shadows, so are good men known by their enemies. ~ Chinese Proverb

So the man, so his shadow. ~ Russian Proverbs 

Beware of a man’s shadow and a bee’s sting. ~ Burmese Proverbs

No matter how fast a man is, he cannot outrun his shadow. ~ Cameroon Proverbs

Life is a shadow and a mist; it passes quickly by, and is no more. ~ Malagasy Proverbs

A person’s reputation is like his shadow-sometimes it follows and sometimes it precedes him; and sometimes it is smaller and sometimes it is bigger than him. ~ French Proverb

Shadows are formed all along the wishes of the sun. ~ Chinese Proverb

A little man often casts a long shadow. ~ Italian Proverbs

If you stand straight, do not fear a crooked shadow. ~ Chinese Proverb

A man cannot jump over his own shadow. ~ Yiddish Proverb

He who dreams for too long will become like his shadow. ~ Indian Proverbs

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~ New Zealander Proverbs

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. ~ Swedish Proverbs

Glory is the shadow of virtue. ~ Latin Proverbs 

No hill without gravestones, no valley without shadows. ~ South African Proverb

However swift a man, he will not outstrip his shadow. ~ Cameroonian Proverbs

A coquettish woman is like a shadow — as you chase her she runs away, and if you run away, she chases after you. ~ Iranian Proverbs

The night is the king of the shadows. ~ Senegalese Proverbs

Even the smallest little bush casts some shadow. ~ French Proverb

A well mannered man does not step on the shadow of his fellow man. ~ Chinese Proverb

One measures the towers by their shadows and great people by those who envy them. ~ Chinese Proverb

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. ~ Bible

Nobody can rest in his own shadow. ~ Hungarian Proverbs

As the sun’s shadow shifts, so there is no permanence on earth. ~ Afghan Proverbs

When the sun is highest it casts the least shadow. ~ Italian Proverb

The tree casts its shadow on everything, even upon the woodcutter. ~ Indian Proverb

Often a branch is broken off the tree by the one who has rested in its shadow. ~ Myanmar Proverb

He who has a straight body is not worried about his crooked shadow. ~ Chinese Proverb

Love without friendship is like a shadow without the sun. ~ Japanese Proverb

One’s shadow grows larger than life when admired by the light of the moon. ~ Chinese Proverb

The friendship of a great man is like the shadow of a bush — soon gone. ~ French Proverb

Only tall things cast shadows. ~ Myanmar Proverb

Even the white lily casts a shadow. ~ Hungarian Proverbs

Big trees cast more shadow than fruit. ~ German Proverbs

Happiness is like a sunbeam, which the least shadow intercepts, while adversity is often as the rain of spring. ~ Chinese Proverb

Light in the streets, shadows in the house. ~ South American Proverb

Keep me as the apple of the eye; hide me under the shadow of thy wings. ~ Bible

Never drop the bone to catch the shadow. ~ Belizean Proverb

The shadow should be the same length as the body. ~ Indonesian Proverbs

Quotations about Shadows

The folly of all follies is to be love sick for a shadow. ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

Seek happiness for its own sake, and you will not find it; seek for duty, and happiness will follow as the shadow comes with the sunshine. ~ Tryon Edwards

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby. ~ Ruth E. Renkel

When we have a world of only now, with no shadows of yesterdays or clouds of tomorrow, then saying what we can do will work. ~ Goldie Ivener

Man is a substance clad in shadows. ~ John Sterling

Tragedy delights by affording a shadow of the pleasure which exists in pain. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream. ~ William Shakespeare Quotes

The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm. ~ Orison Swett Marden

Be content to stand in the light, and let the shadow fall where it will. ~ Mary W. Stewart

In this world everything changes except good deeds and bad deeds; these follow you as the shadow follows the body. ~ Ruth Benedict

Many miles away there’s a shadow on the door of a cottage on the Shore of a dark Scottish lake. ~ Sting

What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. ~ Author Unknown

To love someone is to isolate him from the world, wipe out every trace of him, dispossess him of his shadow, drag him into a murderous future. It is to circle around the other like a dead star and absorb him into a black light. ~ Jean Baudrillard

When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon. ~ Thomas Paine

When walking through the “valley of shadows,” remember, a shadow is cast by a Light. ~ H.K. Barclay

Shadows fall on even the brightest hours. ~ Bryan Waller Proctor

Our ideals, like pictures, are made from lights and shadows. ~ Joseph Joubert

He who leaves his house in search of happiness pursues a shadow. ~ Author Unknown

Power may be at the end of a gun, but sometimes it’s also at the end of the shadow or the image of a gun. ~ Jean Genet

Shadow owes its birth to light. ~ John Gay

This life of separateness may be compared to a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning. ~ Buddha

Across the singing waves the shadows creep. ~ Celia Leighton Thaxter

Thoughts are the shadows of our sensations — always darker, emptier, simpler than these. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Where love rules, there is no will to power; where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other. ~ Carl Jung

Thus shadow owes its birth to light. ~ John Gay

What is life? A frenzy. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a fiction. And the greatest good is trivial; for all life is a dream and all dreams are dreams. ~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance. ~ Arnold H. Glasow

Men are the dreams of a shadow. ~ Pindar

Do we not all spend the greater part of our lives under the shadow of an event that has not yet come to pass? ~ Maurice Maeterlinck

Go forth to meet the shadowy Future without fear and with a manly heart. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes

Where there is much light, the shadow is deep. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Quotes

Reason is like an officer when the king appears. The officer then loses his power and hides himself. Reason is the shadow cast by God; Go is the sun. ~ Jalal-Uddin Rumi

Without knowledge, life is not more than the shadow of death. ~ Jean Baptiste Moliere

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes

Out of the chill and the shadow, Into the thrill and the shine; Out of the dearth and the famine, Into the fullness divine. ~ Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. ~ Author Unknown

To rid ourselves of our shadows — who we are — we must step into either total light or total darkness. Goodness and evil. ~ Jeremy P. Johnson

False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine, but leaving us the instant we cross into the shade. ~ John Christian Bovee

Time is a very shadow that passeth away. ~ Apocrypha

Bright lights cast dark shadows when shone from only one direction. ~ David Kelley

To see a shadow and think it is a tree that is a pity; but to see a tree and to think it a shadow can be fatal. ~ Phyllis Bottome

We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. ~ Buddha Quotes

In this world, full often, our joys are only the tender shadows which our sorrows cast. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ~ Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Like our shadows, our wishes lengthen as our sun declines. ~ Edward Young

Manners are like the shadows of virtues, they are the momentary display of those qualities which our fellow creatures love and respect. ~ Sydney Smith

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. ~ Carl Sandburg

Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life. ~ Jean De La Fontaine

Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~ Aesop

Shadows are in reality, when the sun is shining, the most conspicuous thing in a landscape, next to the highest lights. ~ Bayard Ruskin

Who never doubted, never half believed. Where doubt is, there truth is — it is her shadow. ~ Philip James Bailey

Good humor and enthusiasm should be the sunshine ahead that will keep that shadow behind. ~ Charles Field

Come like shadows, so depart! ~ William Shakespeare

Afflictions are but the shadows of God’s wings. ~ George MacDonald

The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

A man’s character is the reality of himself; his reputation, the opinion others have formed about him; character resides in him, reputation in other people; that is the substance, this is the shadow. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set. ~ Yutang, Lin

Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself. ~ Pythagoras

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. ~ Helen Keller Quotes

Beginnings are apt to be shadowy. ~ Rachel Carson

A people always ends by resembling its shadow. ~ Rudyard Kipling

Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow. ~ Marcus T. Cicero

False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine, but leaving us the instant we cross into the shade. ~ John Christian Bovee

One’s reputation is like a shadow, it is gigantic when it precedes you, and a pigmy in proportion when it follows. ~ Charles Maurice De Talleyrand

The shadows will always be behind those who walk toward the light. ~ James F. Oates Jr.

Discontent is something that follows ambition like a shadow. ~ Henry H. Haskins

The comic and the tragic lie inseparably close, like light and shadow. ~ Socrates Quotes

We stand in our own light wherever we go, and fight our own shadows forever. ~ Owen Meredith

The dearest friend on earth is a mere shadow compared to Jesus Christ. ~ Oswald Chambers

Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small. ~ Ruth J. Gendler

And the greater shadows fall from the lofty mountains. ~ Virgil

Loss and possession, Death and life are one. There falls no shadow where There shines no sun. ~ Hilaire Belloc

The reputation of a man is like his shadow, gigantic when it precedes him, and pigmy in its proportions when it follows. ~ Charles Maurice De Talleyrand

There falls no shadow where There shines no sun. ~ Hilaire Belloc

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Shadows Proverbs

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