Ugandan Proverbs

Sayings of Ugandan origin

Caution is not cowardice; even the ants march armed.

The hunter in pursuit of an elephant does not stop to throw stones at birds.

Only take away the wife of a strong man when he is out.

Only a fool tries to jump in the fire.

A roaring lion kills no game.

If he has thrown the only spear he had at you, it means that he doesn’t fear you.

He who tells no lies will not grow up.

When two elephants fight the grass gets trampled.

You must judge a woman by the taste of her soup.

Death is a scar that never heals.

It is better to be married to an old lady than to remain unmarried.

When the master is away, the frogs hop in.

An elephant can never fail to carry its tusks.

A strawberry blossom will not moisten dry bread.

The tongue of co-wives is bitter.

In the entire world, things are two and two.

The best part of happiness lies is in the secret heart of a lover.

Where flies are eaten, eat them.

The peacemaker dies, while the fighters survive.

When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.

He who has not traveled thinks that his mother is the best cook in the world.

He who hunts two rats, catches none.

One should never rub bottoms with a porcupine.

What is inside a package is known only to its owner.

Water that has been begged for does not quench the thirst.

She who keeps losing children doesn’t invent names anymore.

With wealth one wins a woman.

You can burn down a house, but can you hide the smoke?

A sheep does not lament the death of a goat’s kid.

When throne into the sea the stone said, ‘after all, this is also a home.

Empty hands only please their owner.

An ugly girl does not become old at home.

Polygamy makes a husband a double-tongued man.

It is better that trials come to you in the beginning and you find peace afterwards than that they come to you at the end.

Men will love each other as long as one is richer than the other.

The path to your heart’s desire is never overgrown.

If a woman sees a stick for beating her rival, she will throw it away in the woods.

He who loves, loves you with your dirt.

If you climb up a tree, you must climb down the same tree.

Old men sit in the shade because they planted a tree many years before.

A dog with a bone in his mouth cannot bite you.

What is inside a package is known only to its owner. – Ugandan Proverb

An infertile woman gets a lot of visitors.

‘my mother is indeed the best baby carrier,’ says the baby.

Women have no chiefs.

Sickness accompanies a waning moon; a new moon cures disease.

In the home of the coward they laugh while in the home of the brave they cry.

The lucky eagle kills a mouse that has eaten salt.

Familiarity is like the sea that kills the fisherman.

He who hunts two rats, catches none.

To heal the lovers aching heart, Give him a virgin to wed.

The husband is always the last to know.

The bird that pecks at a rock trusts in the strength of its beak.

One who keeps saying ‘ I will listen and obey’ will be cooked with the corn cob.

Even the mightiest eagle comes down to the treetops to rest.

He who is bitten by a snake fears a lizard.

Ask help from the spirits after having used all your strength.

If you have decided to eat a dog, eat a fat one.

The man with one wife is the boss of all bachelors.

One who sees something good must narrate it.

The Republic of Uganda

Ugandan Proverbs

Uganda, is a landlocked country in East Africa. It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the southwest by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania. Uganda is the world’s second most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania, situating the country in the African Great Lakes region. Uganda also lies within the Nile basin, and has a varied but generally a modified equatorial climate.
The official languages of Uganda are Swahili and English. Luganda, a central language, is widely spoken across the country, and multiple other languages are also spoken including Runyoro, Runyankole Rukiga, Langi and many others. (An excerpt from Wikipedia)

Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda.

“Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty” is the Ugandan national anthem.

Ugandan National Anthem ( English Lyrics):

Oh Uganda!
May God uphold Thee
We lay our future in thy hand
United, free, for liberty
Together we’ll always stand.

Oh Uganda!
The land of Freedom
Our love and labor we give
And with neighbors’ all
At our Country’s call
In peace and friendship, we’ll live.

Oh Uganda!
The land that Feeds us
By sun and fertile soil grown
For our own dear land
We’ll always stand
The Pearl of Africa’s Crown.

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