Water Proverbs

Sayings about Water

The word of a woman is as a little feather on the water. ~ French Proverb

Filthy water cannot be washed. ~ African Proverb

Whenever the water rises, the boat will rise too. ~ Chinese Proverb

The greatest virtue is like water; good for everything. ~ Chinese Proverb

Water can do without fishes, fishes cannot do without water. ~ Chinese Proverb

Flowing water never gets dirty. ~ Chinese Proverb

The fool is thirsty in the midst of water. ~ Ethiopian Proverb

When you drink the water, remember the spring. ~ Chinese Proverb

Why jump in the water before the ship turns over. ~ Chinese Proverb

With water make rivers, with rice make armies. ~ Cambodian Proverb

A coward sweats in water. ~ Ethiopian Proverb

When men are friendly the water is sweet. ~ Chinese Proverb

Water and words are easy to pour but impossible to recover. ~ Chinese Proverb

In shallow waters, shrimps make fools of dragons. ~ Chinese Proverb

The remedy for dirt is soap and water. The remedy for dying is living. ~ Chinese Proverb

For the sake of the rose the thorn is watered too. ~ African Proverb

Water can wear away even the hardest rock.~ Burmese Proverb

The water in which one drowns is always an ocean. ~ Armenian Proverb

It is too late to learn to swim when the water is up to your lips. ~ Danish Proverb

On a rainy day many offer to water the chickens. ~ Armenian Proverb

For people who love even water is sweet. ~ Chinese Proverb

Fire, water and government know nothing of mercy. ~ Albanian Proverbs

Well water is not an enemy of spring water. ~ Chinese Proverb

The water that a ship sails on is the same water that swallows it up. ~ Chinese Proverb

Muddied water does not reflect. ~ French Proverb

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. ~ English Proverb

Good words cool more than cold water. ~ English Proverb

Water that has reached its level does not flow. ~ Chinese Proverb

He who travels over land has to drink enough water. ~ Chilean Proverb

Water always finds a way out. ~ Cameroonian Proverb

Only in water can you learn to swim.~ Czechoslovakian Proverb

When someone gives you a drop of water reward him with a never ending source. ~ Chinese Proverb

Wood may remain ten years in the water, but it will never become a crocodile. ~ Congolese Proverb

We never know the worth of water until the well is dry.~ English Proverb

When the water falls the stone becomes visible. ~ Chinese Proverb

When it rains, collect the water.~ Burmese Proverb

If the seawater were hotter we could catch boiled fish. ~ French Proverb

Still waters run deep. ~ English Proverb

Don’t sign a paper without reading it, or drink water without seeing it.~ Spanish Proverbs

To give counsel to a fool is like throwing water on a goose. ~ Danish Proverb

Boil the water and the scum will rise to the top. ~ Berber Proverb

Don’t throw away dirty water before you have more clean water. ~ Danish Proverb

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. ~ Slovakian proverb

You cannot turn blood into water. ~ Albanian Proverb

Taking water from the same well doesn’t make all the wives’ gravy taste good. ~ Ivorian Proverb

A fool and water will go the way they are directed. ~ Ethiopian Proverb

To ask a favor from a miser is like trying to make a hole in water. ~ Armenian Proverbs

Foul water will quench fire. ~ English Proverbs

With true friends . . . even water drunk together is sweet enough. ~ Chinese Proverb

Water from far away is no good for a fire close by. ~ Chinese Proverb

When the water rises, the fish eat the ants; when the water falls, the ants eat the fish.~ Lao Proverb

Everyone tries to make the water flow to his mill. ~ Corsican Proverb

All water flows into the ocean or into the purse of the rich. ~ Danish Proverbs

Prepare yourself for when the water comes up to your knees. ~ Congolese Proverb

Quotations about Water

I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.~ Mark Twain

There is no small pleasure in sweet water. ~ Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is. ~ Dennis Rodman

The people are like water and the ruler a boat. Water can support a boat or overturn it. ~ Li Shimim

But I do see the good side of water now. How good it is when you’re really thirsty, how it glitters and gurgles! How alive it is! ~ G.K. Chesterton

I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall. ~ Mike May

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. ~ Lao Tzu

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~ Thomas Fuller

Expect poison from standing water.~ William Blake

The earth requires the use of its two-thirds water to keep its face clean. ~James Lendall Basford

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. ~ Loren Eiseley

Water flows uphill towards money. ~ Author Unknown

The tree that is beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit. ~ Saint Teresa of Avila

Water Proverbs

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