Wine Proverbs

Sayings about Wine

Women and wine rid a man of his common sense. ~ Spanish Proverbs

Vodka is the aunt of wine. ~ Russian Proverbs

Old truths, old laws, old friends, old books, and old wine are best. ~ Polish Proverbs

To a man wine is like water is to the boat; it can carry him or guzzle him up. ~ Thai Proverb

A good bottle of wine does not need a cork. ~ French Proverbs

Bread and wine start a banquet. ~ French Proverb

Drink wine, and have the gout; drink no wine, and have the gout too. ~ Traditional Proverb

Pretty wife, old wine — many friends. ~ Bulgarian Proverbs

Wine bears no blame — only the drunkard. ~ Russian Proverb

After the rain the grass will grow; after wine, conversation. ~ Swedish Proverbs

If you have money and wine, your friends will be many. ~ Chinese Proverbs

The rabbi drinks the wine and asks the others to be happy. ~ Yiddish Proverb

Man is like palm-wine: when young, sweet but without strength; in old age, strong but harsh. ~ Congolese Proverb

Good wine praises itself. ~ Dutch Proverbs

A barrel that contains the wine will retain the drop in its staves. ~ Irish Proverbs

Not wine, men intoxicate themselves; not vice, men entice themselves. ~ Chinese Proverb

When wine comes in, modesty leaves. ~ Italian Proverbs

It is better to have bread left over than to run short of wine. ~ Spanish Proverb

Where there is no wine, we need medicine. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Friendship with the French is like their wine; exquisite but short lived. ~ German Proverbs

Water for oxen, wine for kings. ~ Spanish Proverbs

Wine does not intoxicate a man — a man intoxicates himself. ~ Chinese Proverb

Extol the virtue of water, but drink wine. ~ Czech Proverb

Old wine is good for the stomach. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Wine that isn’t paid for is drunk twice. ~ Turkish Proverbs

God knows what will happen to women who drink wine, girls that speak old languages, and suns that set too early. ~ Breton Proverb

Some men will build a wine cellar when they have found just one grape. ~ Lebanese Proverbs

When you drink milk under the palm tree, people will say that it is palm wine. ~ Indian Proverbs

For a bad night, a mattress of wine. ~ Spanish Proverb

They forgive the wine but they hang the bottle. ~ French Proverb

One sip of wine is an antidote against death, cupfuls poison life. ~ Iranian Proverbs

Beautiful grapes often make poor wine. ~ French Proverb

No melon peddler cries, “Bitter melons.” No wine dealer says, “Sour wine. ~ Chinese Proverb

If you praise the man who taps the palm tree, he’ll put water in the palm wine. ~ Zanzibar Proverbs

Spilled wine is a sign of happiness, but break the bed and all will have long faces. ~ Spanish Proverb

When the wine is in, the wit is out. ~ English Proverbs

If the wine comes in, good sense goes out. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Where wine appears the doctor disappears. ~ French Proverb

Wine makes secrets float to the surface. ~ German Proverb

Wine tops the list of all medicines. ~ Hebrew Proverb

The matchmaker gets three cups of wine when he succeeds and three slaps on the cheek when he fails. ~ Korean Proverbs

If you see in your wine the reflection of a person not in your range of vision, don’t drink it. ~ Chinese Proverb

The barrel can only yield the wine that’s in it. ~ Corsican Proverb

Water teaches us to weep, wine teaches us to sing. ~ Polish Proverbs

Three glasses of wine end a hundred quarrels. ~ Chinese Proverb

Of wine the middle, of oil the top, and of honey the bottom is best. ~ English Proverb

A thousand cups of wine do not suffice when true friends meet, but half a sentence is too much when there is no meeting of minds. ~ Chinese Proverb

Every wine would like to be port wine. ~ Portuguese Proverbs

No joy without wine. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Wine from a pot is better than water from a well. ~ Yugoslavian Proverb

Pastors come for your wine and officers for your daughters. ~ Dutch Proverb

When the wine is free even the judge drinks it. ~ Afghan Proverbs

A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine. ~ Italian Proverb

Drink a glass of wine after your soup and you will be stealing a ruble from the doctor. ~ Ukrainian Proverb

The first marriage is a plate of honey, the second a glass of wine, and the third is a cup of poison. ~ Serbian Proverb

Never listen to these three advisers: wine, the night, and love. ~ German Proverb

He who is drunk from wine can sober up, he who is drunk from wealth cannot. ~ African Proverb

Pleasure for one hour, a bottle of wine. Pleasure for one year a marriage; but pleasure for a lifetime, a garden. ~ Chinese Proverb

Vinegar is the son of wine. ~ Hebrew Proverb

Every cask smells of the wine it contains. ~ Spanish Proverb

Wine lets secrets out. ~ Chinese Proverb

Old wine and friends improve with age. ~ Italian Proverb

A cask of wine works more miracles than a church full of saints. ~ Italian Proverb

The cart ruins the road, the woman the man, the water the wine. ~ French Proverb

Nothing equals the joy of the drinker, except the joy of the wine in being drunk. ~ French Proverb

Wine is water adulterated by foolish talk. ~ Japanese Proverb

Wine divulges truth. ~ Irish Proverb

If the wine bothers you while you work, stop working. ~ French Proverb

Drink water like an ox, wine like the king of Spain. ~ Italian Proverb

There are two kinds of Chinese: those who give wine and those who drink it. ~ Russian Proverb

Just as a medicine may not cure a serious illness, wine will certainly not dispel your grief. ~ Chinese Proverb

Where the hostess is beautiful the wine is tasty. ~ French Proverb

Tasty fish have to swim three times: once in the water, then in butter, and finally in wine. ~ Polish Proverb

There’s no harm in wine; it’s drunkenness that is at fault. ~ Russian Proverb

When your wine is finished, conversation ends; when your money has been spent, you lose your friends. ~ Serbian Proverb

Your own wealth is flowers and wine; the other man’s is but weeds. ~ Indian Proverb

Friends and wine should be old. ~ Spanish Proverb

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Wine Quotes & Sayings

When the wine goes in, strange things come out. ~ Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

A new friend is like new wine; when it has aged you will drink it with pleasure. ~ Apocrypha

A sweetheart is a bottle of wine; a wife is a wine bottle. ~ Charles Baudelaire

Wine lead to folly, making even the wise to laugh immoderately, to dance, and to utter what had better have been kept silent. ~ Homer

The blood that is once inflamed with wine is apt to boil with rage. ~ Joseph Hall

Wine often turns the good-natured man into an idiot and the choleric into an assassin. ~ Joseph Addison

Although it is better to hide our ignorance, this is hard to do when we relax over wine. ~ Heraclitus of Ephesus

Drinking of wine maketh men to act like so many furies. ~ Nathaniel Morton

That is a treacherous friend whom you must always be on your guard. Such a friend is wine. ~ Christian Nestell Bovee

Drinking of wine brings poverty, shame, quarrels; leads to calumnious talk, unchastity, murder, and the loss of freedom, of honor, of understanding. ~ Tosafot

This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don’t want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste. ~ Ernest Hemingway

It has become quite a common proverb that in wine there is truth. ~ Pliny the Elder

Wine makes a poor man rich in imagination, a rich man poor in reality. ~ Edward Parsons Day

Wine is a turncoat; first a friend, and then an enemy. ~ Henry Fielding

Wine takes away reason, engenders insanity, leads to thousands of crimes, and imposes such an enormous expense on nations. ~ Pliny the Elder

A hangover is the wrath of grapes. ~ Author Unknown

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine. ~ Eduardo Galeano

Who loves not women, wine and song remains a fool his whole life long. ~ Martin Luther

Wine and other luxuries have a tendency to enervate the mind and make men less brave in battle. ~ Julius Caesar

Wine stimulates the mind and makes it quick with heat; care flees and is dissolved in much drink. ~ Ovid

Life is like wine, the longer you take to enjoy it the more chance you’ve got of tasting vinegar. ~ Author Unknown

When asked what kind of wine he liked to drink he replied, “That which belongs to another.” ~ Laertius Diogenes

The use of wine is quite superfluous to man. It is constantly followed by the expenditure of power. The drinker draws a bill on his health which must always be renewed. ~ Baron Justus von Liebig

From wine what sudden friendship springs? ~ John Gay

Wine is a cunning wrestler. ~ Plautus

Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Wine hath drowned more men than the sea. ~ Thomas Fuller

Wine and youth are fire upon fire. ~ Henry Fielding

Seek but provision of bread and wine, fools to flatter, and clothing fine; and nothing of God shall ever be thine. ~ Wes Smith

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter. Sermons and soda water the day after. ~ Lord Byronw

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