Zeal Proverbs

Sayings about Zeal

Too much zeal spoils everything. ~ Traditional Proverb

Better a thief for a neighbor than an overzealous rabbi. ~ Yiddish Proverb

A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil; but the fool rageth, and is confident. ~ Bible

Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. ~ English Proverbs

But it is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing, and not only when I am present with you. ~ Bible

If you are eager to be in the shadow, leave your axe at home. ~ Japanese Proverbs

Lazy people are always eager to be doing something. ~ French Proverbs

Zeal without knowledge is like fire without light. ~ English Proverb

The hunter in pursuit of an elephant does not stop to throw stones at birds. ~ Ugandan Proverbs

Zeal is fit only for wise men but is found mostly in fools. ~ Traditional Proverb

For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. ~ Bible

He that is not eager to be pawed in cash is not a businessman. ~ Chinese Proverbs

Quotations about Zeal

Zeal without knowledge is the sister of folly. ~ Sir John Davies

Nothing to build, and all things to destroy. ~ John Dryden

Whether zeal or moderation be the point we aim at, let us keep fire out of the one and frost out of the other. ~ Joseph Addison

Zeal, the blind conductor of the will. ~ John Dryden

There are zealots for slavery as well as zealots for freedom. ~ William Henry Burleigh

Through zeal knowledge is gotten, through lack of zeal knowledge is lost; let a man who knows this double path of gain and loss thus place himself that knowledge may grow. ~ Buddha

He that does a base thing in zeal for his friend burns the golden thread that ties their hearts together. ~ Jeremy Taylor

Blind zeal can only do harm. ~ Magnus Gottfried Lichtwer

Motives by excess reverse their very nature and instead of exciting, stun and stupefy the mind. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I do not love a man who is zealous for nothing. ~ Oliver Goldsmith

Zeal is like fire: it needs both feeding and watching. ~ Author Unknown

There is no greater sign of a general decay of virtue in a nation, than a want of zeal in its inhabitants for the good of their country. ~ Joseph Addison

I have never known a trader in philanthropy who was not wrong in his head or heart somewhere or other. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself. ~ Confucius

If our zeal were true and genuine we should be much more angry with a sinner than a heretic. ~ Joseph Addison

I would have every zealous man examine his heart thoroughly, and I believe he will often find that what be calls a zeal for his religion is either pride, interest, or ill-repute. ~ Joseph Addison

Zeal without knowledge is like expedition to a man in the dark. ~ John Newton

There is nothing in which men more deceive themselves than in what they call zeal. ~ Joseph Addison

Zeal is fit for wise men, but flourishes chiefly among fools. ~ John Tillotson

The zeal which begins with hypocrisy must conclude in treachery; at first it deceives, at last it betrays. ~ Francis Bacon

Zealous men are ever displaying to you the strength of their belief. while judicious men are showing you the grounds of it.~ William Shenstone

Zeal without knowledge is fire without light. ~ Thomas Fuller

Zeal without humanity is like a ship without a rudder, liable to be stranded at any moment. ~ Owen Felltham

Zealous, not modest. ~ James Beattie

Zeal is very blind, or badly regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others. ~ Pasquier Quesnel

Let a good person do good deeds with the same zeal that an evil person does bad ones. ~ Shalom Rokeach

It is a zealot’s faith that blasts the shrines of the false god, but builds no temple to the true. ~ Sydney Thompson Dobell

True zeal is an ignis lambeus, a soft and gentle flame that will not scorch one’s hand. ~ Ralph Cudworth

Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work body and soul. ~ Charles Buxton

The frenzy of nations is the statesmanship of fate. ~ Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton

Never let your zeal outrun your charity. The former is but human, the latter is divine. ~ Hosea Ballou

Nothing has wrought more prejudice to religion, or brought more disparagement upon truth, than boisterous and unseasonable zeal. ~ Isaac Barrow

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Zeal Proverbs

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