Housework Proverbs

Sayings about Housework

Were everyone to sweep in front of his own house, every street would be clean. ~ Dutch Proverbs

No matter how many house chores you complete, there are always more to be done.~ African Proverb

Marrying is easy, it’s housework that’s hard.~ Traditional Proverbs

When a woman is not singing, she is not working much either. ~ Egyptian Proverbs

A woman’s work is worth more than the talk of a thousand men. ~ Tajikistani Proverb

A woman‘s work is never done. ~ Traditional Proverb

A new broom sweeps clean, but the old broom knows the corners. ~ Irish Proverb

Quotations about Housework

Saying about Housework
A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man’s life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping.~ Henry David Thoreau

Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door.~ Marcelene Cox

They’re sure housework won’t kill you, but why take the risk? ~ Author Unknown

There was no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse. ~ Quentin Crisp

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you? ~ Erma Bombeck

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. ~ Erma Bombeck

My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors. ~ Bette Midler

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~ Erma Bombeck

Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots. ~ Hoosier Farmer

I think housework is the reason most women go to the office. ~ Heloise Cruse

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it. ~ Author Unknown

God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done. ~ Author Unknown

Few tasks are more like the torture of Sisyphus than housework, with its endless repetition: the clean becomes soiled, the soiled is made clean, over and over, day after day. ~ Simone de Beauvoir

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. ~ Phyllis Diller

Beauty is also to be found in a day’s work. ~ Mamie Sypert Burns

[H]ousework, if it is done right, can kill you. ~ John Skow

The labor of women in the house, certainly, enables men to produce more wealth than they otherwise could; and in this way women are economic factors in society. But so are horses.~ Charlotte P. Gillman

At worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived. ~ Rose Macaulay

We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself – your own house – which we never do. ~ Marina Abramovic

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing. ~ Phyllis Diller

Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn’t done it.~ Evan Esar

You all know that even when women have full rights, they still remain fatally downtrodden because all housework is left to them. In most cases housework is the most unproductive, the most barbarous and the most arduous work a woman can do. It is exceptionally petty and does not include anything that would in any way promote the development of the woman.~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Housework expands to fill the time you have for it.~ Hayley Foster

In my house I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision maker. ~ Woody Allen

As a housewife, I feel that if the kids are still alive when my husband gets home from work, then hey, I’ve done my job.~ Roseanne Barr

Housework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion.~ Fawn M. Brodie

The worst thing about work in the house or home is that whatever you do it is destroyed, laid waste or eaten within twenty-four hours.~ Lady Hasluck

The house wife is an unpaid employee in her husband’s house in return for the security of being a permanent employee. ~ Germaine Greer

I’m eighteen years behind in my ironing. There’s no use doing it now, it doesn’t fit anybody I know.~ Phyllis Diller

Housekeeping ain’t no joke. ~ Louisa May Alcott

Like plowing, housework makes the ground ready for the germination of family life. The kids will not invite a teacher home if beer cans litter the living room. The family isn’t likely to have breakfast together if somebody didn’t remember to buy eggs, milk, or muffins. Housework maintains an orderly setting in which family life can flourish.~ Letty Cottin Pogrebin

A man builds a fine house; and now he has a master, and a task for life: he is to furnish, watch, show it, and keep it in repair, the rest of his days. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The important thing about women today is, as they get older, they still keep house. It’s one reason why they don’t die, but men die when they retire. Women just polish the teacups.~ Margaret Mead

Housework is work directly opposed to the possibility of human self-actualization.~ Ann Oakley

Housework can kill you if done right. ~ Erma Bombeck

I hate housework! You make the beds; you do the dishes. And six months later you have to start all over again.~ Joan Rivers

When it comes to housework the one thing no book of household management can ever tell you is how to begin. Or maybe I mean why.~ Katharine Whitehorn

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